Monday, February 22, 2010

Ten Things I Learned In Africa....

In no particular order of importance:

1. The dirtiest kids are the cutest.

2. You can fit 22 people, 4 chickens, a twin mattress and some luggage all in the same minivan (of course the mattress was on top, or that would have been super uncomfortable).

3. Bald is beautiful. Especially for girls.

4. The absence of traffic laws and stop signs doesn't cause as many accidents as I thought it would.

5. Best method of transporting a live goat: the trunk of your 1986 Toyota sudan

6. It is possible for black babies lips to be so big that they can't actually close their mouth all the way. Proof: Baby Toto from the Bugembe Branch.

7. "You have been looking for me. I am here!" has proven to be a very effective pick-up line among Africans and mzungus in the past.

8. Chickens in the operating room aren't actually a problem

9. Random "crunchies" in your food add excitement to your gustatory experience

10. Africa changes lives. Forever.

I'm sorry we haven't been posting regularly. The power and internet here are not very reliable and we figured that since we don't have pictures our posts are probably super boring. We are still trying to find a way to download our pictures here without causing a power outage in Eastern Uganda, but until we do, this will be a "read only" blog. If you really want to hear more in-depth about our adventures here, you can get a hold of our Mom by sending her a message on her blog at We send home weekly emails and I'm sure she would be willing to share them with you!


  1. Great Post! It great that you girls are learning so much and what is truly important.

  2. i LOVE your list. It is worth a thousand pictures for sure. Miss you poopster!

  3. I'm glad I saw Casey at Kahuku Grill yesterday! He told me about your blog. I've been doing better with updating ours, so you can see how big Nolan's getting. Josh gave Nolan the nicklame of "isopropyl" just a few mintues ago. I have no idea why, and I don't like how it brings back memories of o chem. Africa sounds amazing and I'm glad you 2 get to experience it first-hand. Love you much and peace!

  4. So glad you found us! I don't have your email address but I would love to get in touch. I'm still using I can't believe you are in Africa! Crazy. We went to FL for spring break and I thought about you a ton.